Annual Scholarships

Annual Scholarships are funded through annual gifts of $500 or more.

In recognition of its named donor, Bellin College:

  • Offers scholarships to nursing or radiologic sciences students in the donor or designee’s name;

  • Hosts an annual gathering called the Scholarship Salute where donor(s) and recipient(s) get acquainted;

  • Recognizes the scholarship(s) in the college annual report.

    As a memento for the annual gathering or the Scholarship Salute dinner, we prepare a program which provides information about our donor and/or the individual(s) being honored/memorialized. We are happy to include information you may want to provide, for example but not limited to:

  • Why you decided to fund student scholarships at Bellin College.

  • If the scholarship is a memorial, or in honor of someone, why you chose to create a memorial/honorary scholarship.

  • Family background and/or volunteer activities.

Bellin College also offers Unnamed Scholarships to include donations of $1 to $499, and are pooled together for student awards.

Students: Please find information on applying for endowed scholarship assistance here.