Tom pushing a patient in a wheelchair

At times we all struggle and I think it is imperative to have a strong support system to help pick you up when times get tough. That is why I love Bellin College. They really pick not only intellectually sound students, but students who are compassionate and caring as well. Those three characteristics make a great nurse. As we have been taught from day one, Bellin College is about Excellence, Community, Caring, and Integrity. I feel all 22 students in my class have their own way of displaying these on a daily basis. And for that Bellin College, I thank you! 

~ Tom Mayo '13  

My experience as a Radiology Student at Bellin College has been phenomenal, unique and irreplaceable. My education as prepared me above and beyond the requirements of a radiologic technologist, the experiences I have received have placed me in a position to take on the challenges of healthcare and to increase the quality of care of my patients. It has been an unforgettable journey that has put me in a position with the skills and knowledge to provide a professional and quality performance. 

    ~ Jackie Bessette '13

 I am currently in my second semester as a junior at Bellin College.  When choosing schools I knew Bellin would give me the best opportunities and so far it has.  The professors truly care about my success as a student and my clinical advisors never let me accept a doctor’s order without finding out why it was ordered.  The teachers here push us to learn more and encourage us to find as many answers as we can.  We are also encouraged to get as involved on campus as we can.  I have become involved in the Bellin Ambassadors program and I love it.  As an ambassador, I have attended events and given a lot of campus tours.  Bellin College has given me many great experiences, I am very grateful that I chose Bellin College. 
~ Cassie Kirkpatrick '14

I always knew I wanted to do something in the medical field, and when I shadowed a tech at a local radiology department, I knew that Bellin’s BSRS program would be the perfect fit.  I love that Bellin College is close to my family and friends but that I can also get the college experience I always wanted.  I originally contacted Bellin when the Radiologic Science program was still a two-year certificate program, but when I found out it would be transitioning to a four-year Bachelors program, I was beyond excited.  The small class sizes provided me with a great group of close friends, and low student-to-teacher ratios mean that I can always get my questions answered by someone who knows me and cares about my education.  I am currently interested in Computed Tomography, but because radiology is such a broad field, I’m excited to keep learning about additional areas as well.  I am now a little over a year away from having the job I’ve always dreamed about, and I can say without a doubt that attending Bellin’s BSRS program has been one of the best decisions of my life.

      ~ Stephanie Jubert '13


For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to make a difference in people’s lives by being a nurse. With a philosophy that focuses on people and providing superior service, I knew that being a nurse at Bellin was my future.  I began my nursing career in Bellin’s Surgical Unit in 1993 as a staff nurse, then as Team Facilitator. In 1998 I transferred to the Digestive Health Services Department (DHS) where I have enjoyed caring for patients for the past 14 years. 

When I decided I wanted to advance my career at Bellin and share my skills and passion for nursing in a leadership role I turned to Bellin College. I wanted to pursue my Master’s degree in a setting that shares my belief in people and teaching its students to provide the best patient care possible.

 In addition, Bellin College offered me flexible class schedules, a combination of on-line and in classroom courses, outstanding instructors and the convenience of being close to home. I have a personal connection with my advisor and instructors and have been involved in extra curricular activities; including helping to charter the Bellin College IHI Open School.  I am about to complete my Master’s program. Being at Bellin College allowed me to attend classes, work full time in the DHS department while being a wife and mother of two daughters. 
                                        ~ Sue Kassner / MSN Student