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Admissions Policy & Requirements

It is the policy of Bellin College to be nondiscriminatory because of race, color, creed, national and ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or handicap in the admission of students, in student programs and in the employment of College faculty and staff.

Bellin College does not have waiting lists for admission to the College. Applicants are evaluated on a combination of educational, personal, and health qualifications for admission. (Admission procedures for students included in the St. Norbert College/Bellin College agreement must follow the policy outlined in the agreement.)

Students currently enrolled are held to the qualifications and requirements of The Bellin College Guide – Handbook & Catalog on which they entered. If a student exits the College and then re-enters, he/she will be bound by the qualifications of The Bellin College Guide – Handbook & Catalog in effect at time of re-entry.

Non-Degree Seeking Student Status

Students who take Bellin College courses but are not enrolled in a Bellin College major are considered Non-Degree Seeking Students. Non-Degree Seeking Students earn regular credit which is permanently recorded on the transcript. Certain opportunities, such as financial aid, for which Degree Seeking Students may be eligible, are not available to Non-Degree Seeking Students, since they are classified as “non-degree seeking”. Non-Degree Seeking Students are subject to all normal College regulations and policies.

The online application for Non-Degree Seeking Students is available on the Bellin College website. Non-Degree Seeking Student applications are accepted at any time prior to the start of desired course. If an application is for the spring semester, applicants must show evidence of the previous fall influenza (flu) vaccination. This is mandatory for all Bellin College students including non-degree seeking students. Bellin Occupational Health Services provides flu vaccination free of charge to Bellin College students. Assistance with this policy may be obtained by contacting the Dean of Student Services at 920-433-6632. Online applications for non-degree seeking students will be processed with no fee via the Admissions Office.  Upon receipt of the application, the Admission’s Assistant will process and enter into CAMs within five (5) to seven (7) business days.

Non-Degree Seeking Students pay full tuition and related fees and are subject to all Bellin College policies. Procedures and regulations as outlined in The Bellin College Guide - Handbook & Catalog. Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking Student applicants must have received a high school diploma (unless indicated by an official Bellin College agreement) and not be enrolled in a Bellin College major.

The Admission’s Assistant will forward the application information to the Director of Enrollment Management to review and determine admission status.  The Director of Enrollment Management will consult with Registrar and/or Program Director for space availability if related to a lab and/or clinical course component.  The applicant will then be approved or denied by the Director of Enrollment Management.

Non-degree seeking student applicant will be emailed approval from the Admissions Department.  The personal email will direct students to the link on the BC website for current policies, timetable, and booklist/supply list.

Admission Criteria


Payment Methods

Payment(s) to Bellin College may be made via cash, personal check, certified check, or money order. MasterCard and VISA are accepted, however, for an additional fee.

Payment Policy

Refund Policy

If a Non-Degree Seeking Student were to withdraw from the College, refunds will be issued accordingly. The College website including the academic calendar outlines the policies, withdrawal dates, and any applicable refunds.

Institutional Withdrawal due to Nonpayment of Tuition and Fees

If a Non-Degree Seeking Student fails to make payment or to arrange a payment plan by the due date, the student may be institutionally withdrawn from Bellin College. Tuition and fee charges for which the student is responsible will be based upon the applicable return policy as stated in The Bellin College Guide - Handbook & Catalog. Academic records will be withheld and collection efforts will be pursued with an agency.