Admission Policy and Requirements - BSN Traditional Option

Traditional students begin in fall as freshmen students and complete the BSN degree in 4 years.

Admission as a Nursing Student

Students are admitted to the nursing program as they are admitted to Bellin College.

Students in the Traditional Option and Sophomore Transfer Options take nursing courses concurrently with general education courses starting with the first semester of enrollment. Students in the 15 Month Option complete their required general education credits before entering Bellin College.

Nursing courses and select general education courses are offered at Bellin College. Bellin College students are required to take particular general education courses if offered at Bellin College. General education courses are also accepted from regionally accredited two or four-year institutions, such as Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC), St. Norbert College (SNC), and University of Wisconsin Green Bay (UWGB). Bellin College also works closely with College of Menominee Nation (CMN) and Silver Lake College (SLC). 

Program Options

Bellin College offers multiple entry options to students. They are as follows:

Entry into any one of the above options is contingent on a complete credit evaluation by the College to assist in determining option eligibility. The credit evaluation along with GPA calculation will include any course taken that would potentially meet Bellin College education requirements.

Current Bellin College students may not transfer Bellin College credits from one Bellin College program option to another. Once a student is admitted to a particular program they are committed to that curriculum plan. Programs are specifically designed to provide a structured learning experience, prohibiting enrolled students moving from one program option to another. In limited cases, a student who has exited Bellin College may be eligible to re-apply for another program option.

Admissions Policy

It is the policy of Bellin College to be nondiscriminatory because of race, color, creed, national and ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or handicap in the admission of students, in student programs and in the employment of College faculty and staff.

Bellin College does not have waiting lists for admission to the College. Applicants are evaluated on a combination of educational, personal, and health qualifications for admission. (Admission procedures for students included in the St. Norbert College/Bellin College agreement must follow the policy outlined in the agreement.)

Applications are made on an annual basis and do not carry over to the next year. Non-admitted applicants must reapply. Please note: The admission selection process is under review for the 2014-15 academic year. 

Admission Requirements – BSN, BSRS

High School Graduate: An applicant to the BSN or BSRS - Traditional Option program must provide proof of graduation from a recognized high school or its equivalent.

Background Check: In compliance with the Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check and Investigation Legislation, a background check will be completed on an applicant prior to acceptance into Bellin College. Applicants who have been convicted of specific crimes/offenses that would bar them from clinical experiences as a student or employment and/or licensure as a caregiver will not be admitted to the College. A background check approved by the College does not guarantee successful clinical placement. Any clinical agency reserves the right to complete a criminal background check and to ban a student from clinical experiences based on the results of the background check.

Drug Screen: Drug screening prior to entry is mandatory. Any applicant whose drug screen notes the use of illegal drugs will have their admission canceled.

Health Qualifications: Each applicant is required to have a physical examination and complete specific immunizations and testing. The general health of the applicant must be deemed adequate for meeting the program outcomes of the degree. See outline of immunizations and testing.

Tuberculosis Testing: The Wisconsin Administrative Code states that all persons having direct contact with hospital patients must be assessed for the presence of active pulmonary tuberculosis. It is a requirement of all applicants to have 1 TB test result at the time of the pre-admission medical/physical examination. The TB screening involves receiving the test, then returning to have it read within a specific time period. A second TB test will be provided at Bellin College after enrollment. Once enrolled as a Bellin College student, yearly screening is mandatory during the month of May.

CPR Certification: Applicants to the Sophomore Transfer and 15 Month Options must provide proof of CPR certification prior to entry. The CPR must be American Heart Association – Health care Provider (infant/child/adult). Students in the BSN Traditional Option must show proof of CPR certification in the second semester (spring) of their freshman year.

Personal Qualifications: The successful applicant must demonstrate motivation, initiative, work ethic, leadership and integrity. The applicant must provide 3 references addressing these qualifications.

Minimal Technical Criteria: In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Bellin College does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, student aid and other College-administered programs nor in the employment of its faculty and staff. As a Bellin College student, performance of certain activities is required with or without reasonable accommodation. Bellin College reserves the right to determine final eligibility based upon the applicant and student’s ability to successfully complete Minimum Technical Criteria Standards as outlined by the College. Students must have the abilities and skills according but not limited to the following:

Official Transcripts: Official transcripts for all colleges/universities attended must be submitted as part of the application process. If courses are in-progress (IP) at the time of credit evaluation or application, official transcripts must be presented after the courses are complete. The 3.0 GPA requirement and grades of “C” or above must be met to remain a viable applicant.
Receiving course credit is contingent on a complete credit evaluation by the College to assist in determining acceptance of the credits. The credit evaluation along with GPA calculation will include any course taken that would potentially meet Bellin College education requirements.

Each program option may have specific admission requirements in addition to the above.

Admission Requirements – BSN Specific

Upon acceptance to the College, the student’s pre-entrance physical, immunization and health records will be reviewed by the Employee Health Office. Requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program are as follows:

American College Testing (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Scores: Applicants to the BSN Traditional Option who have 11 or fewer transferable college credits must provide ACT or SAT scores. An ACT composite score of 23 (or higher) and a high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 (or greater) is required for admission. ACT scores of 21 or 22 will be considered and reviewed individually by the Admissions Director at the time of interview. The GPA will be calculated at the time of application. The GPA requirements must be maintained on final high school transcripts to remain a viable candidate.

BSN Traditional Option Educational Qualifications

The Traditional Option is designed for students who have or will have a high school diploma at the time of enrollment and have completed generally 28 or fewer transferable, program required general education credits. The traditional applicant then meets 1 of 2 categories: Students with 11 or fewer transferable, program required credits or students with 12 or more transferable, program required credits.

Applicants to the BSN Traditional Option will have 28 or fewer transferable, program required general
education credits; not meeting the criteria for either the Sophomore or 15 Month Option. Applicants must
have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in transfer courses with no grade lower than a “C” in required general
education courses.

Traditional students begin in fall as freshmen students and complete the BSN degree in 4 years.

Students dually enrolled at UWGB should be advised of placement criteria for English, Biology, Chemistry, and Math courses. If UWGB prerequisite requirements are not met upon admission to Bellin College, summer coursework must be taken to maintain the timeline/sequence of the academic plan of scheduled general education requirements.

Applicants with 11 or fewer transferable college credits -

Applicants with 12 or more transferable credits –

The Bellin College Advisor and Career Services Coordinator will assist in outlining a plan to fulfill the remaining general education credits that are required. Bellin College offers select general education courses. However, program required general education courses are accepted from regionally accredited two or four-year institutions, such as Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, St. Norbert College, and University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Bellin College also works closely with College of Menominee Nation and Silver Lake College.

Final admission to the College is contingent upon receipt of official transcripts (for any courses in progress at the time of application), completion of the health and immunization requirements, and any related forms to the above mentioned items prior to enrollment.

Please note: Applicants who are not applying directly after high school should contact the Admissions Office for further details regarding admission qualifications.

Tuberculosis Testing and Immunization Requirements

The following is a list of the tuberculosis (TB) testing and immunizations that applicants complete before entry to the College. Any changes to this list will be provided and available from the Admissions Office.

Tuberculosis Screening

Incoming students are required to have 1 Mantoux skin test given after the month of May before entry. If the incoming student has a medical contraindication to tuberculosis (TB) skin testing, they will need either:

Please note: The Signs/Symptoms sheets are available from the Bellin College Admissions Department.

Resources to obtain TB testing and/or immunizations are as follows:

TB skin tests are free of charge for Bellin College students if given by Employee Health or Occupational Health. Vaccines and blood tests are discounted. Payments must be cash only (checks and other forms of payment are not accepted). To receive the discounted pricing, incoming students are to identify self as a Bellin College student when making appointments and at the time of service.

Immunization Requirements

The following immunizations are required to participate in the Bellin College clinical settings and to progress in the curriculum plans. Any declination of vaccines will put the student’s ability to advance through the curriculum in jeopardy.

Measles Positive immune blood titer or dates of 2 vaccines.
Mumps Positive immune blood titer or dates of 2 vaccines.
Rubella Positive immune blood titer or dates of 2 vaccines.
 Positive immune blood titer or dates of 2 vaccines. If you have had Chickenpox, you will need a blood titer. If you’ve had varicella (Chickenpox), you must provide documented results of a positive blood titer showing proof of sufficient immunity. History or documentation of the disease IS NOT acceptable proof of immunity.
Hepatitis B Positive immune blood titer. If vaccine series was completed more than 6 months ago, documentation of that series (3 shots) will be adequate. If titer was performed within 1-6 months after series and is non-immune, additional shots and titer(s) will be required up to a maximum of 6 shots. Immune titer is required if last dose is within 6 months.   
Meningococcal Date of 1 vaccine, or signed declination.
Tetanus Td or Tdap is required. A booster is required every 10 years.
Flu Vaccine Clinical requirements and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) indicate flu vaccines are mandatory. Each clinical site will have flu season protocol/requirements that students will be expected to abide by; which includes proof of compliance in receiving the flu vaccination. Flu vaccines are administered for free at the College in the fall of the academic year.  


Admission Requirements at General Education Colleges

Applicants are responsible for meeting admission requirements for any college in which general education courses are taken, including placement tests. Requirements must be met in full before entrance to Bellin College; timelines will be communicated during the admission process.

Refer to the Admissions Policies and Proceedures section of the Bellin College Guide - Handbook and Catalog for additional information. Page updated: 11/2013