Credit Evaluation

Applicants who have earned post-high school credits will receive a Bellin College credit evaluation to indicate accepted courses and credits as transferable to satisfy Bellin College requirements. The factors for determining transferability are as follows: Applicants may request an unofficial credit evaluation before application to the College. This is optional, as applicants will receive an official credit evaluation as part of the application process. An unofficial credit evaluation can assist in planning for course requirements still needed to meet Bellin College admission requirements.

An applicant having courses in-progress (IP) at the time of credit evaluation, application or acceptance to the College must provide official transcripts once courses are completed. The 3.0 GPA requirement and grades of “C” or above in each course must be met to remain a viable applicant.

Courses that would meet required general education courses outlined for each program option will be included on the credit evaluation.

Credit Evaluation Form

See the Bellin College Guide - Handbook and Catalog for more details about credit evaluation.