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Private Education Loan Self-Certification form is to be completed by any student who wishes to borrow a private education loan.  This form will be required by the lender and should be mailed or faxed directly to the lender.  Information needed in order to complete Section 2 of the form may be found on the student's financial aid award letter/notification.  

Direct Loan In-School Deferment Request form is used to notify your Direct Loan servicer that you are enrolled at an eligible institution so that you may defer repayment.  This form must be completed at the beginning of each semester and cannot be certified by the registrar until the start of the term/semester for which a deferment is being requested.  Complete sections 1 and 2 and submit the form to the Bellin College registrar for completion; the form will be forwarded to your servicer.  This form is used by both student borrowers and parent PLUS loan borrowers who wish to defer repayment of a federal direct loan. 

Federal Perkins Loan In-School Deferment Request form (ESCI--UW-Madison) is used to notify your Perkins Loan holder that you are enrolled at least half-time in order to defer repayment.  You may download the form and complete Part I being sure to sign and date the form and submit it to the BC registrar or financial aid office.  If you have a Perkins Loan serviced by an agency other than UW-Madison or ECSI, be sure to check with the servicer and download the appropriate form from that agency's website to ensure that the proper form is used and mailed to the correct agency for processing. 

Deferment forms for Direct Loans (Stafford and PLUS) may be downloaded from the Direct Loan Servicing Center's website at (click on the Forms tab at the top of the screen).