Intent to Graduate

All students who intend to graduate must file an Intent to Graduate Form at the start of
your final semester of study to be considered for degree conferral.  
I will finish my
graduation requirements
In need to turn in the
“Intent to Graduate
Form” by:
By meeting these
deadlines, I will qualify
for the Commencement 
Ceremony in:  
Fall (15 M Accel: June start) August 1 of year to graduate October
Fall November 15 May
Spring November 15 May
Summer July 15 May Following*

BSN graduates must have completed all degree requirements to join the
commencement ceremony.  Academic Honors for the ceremony and program booklet
is based on the Fall Bellin College cumulative GPA. 
*To participate in the May commencement ceremony MSN students must have earned
all credits with the exception of 1 credit for NUR 799 by the end of their final term of study
prior to graduation.  The graduate is expected to complete the final 1 credit in the summer
immediately following the ceremony.

The Intent to Graduate Form is available here or from the Student Service Office.
Once you file the Intent to Graduate Form, the Registrar is notified to consider you as
a candidate for degree.  Your record will be evaluated to determine if you have met
degree requirements and notify you of any problems. 
If you fail to complete degree requirements, you must re-file an Intent to Graduate
Form for a subsequent degree period. 
When completed, mail or deliver Intent to Graduate Form to:
Bellin College
Attn: Registrar
3201 Eaton Road
Green Bay, WI 54311