Life's a Lab

Lifes a LabThis camp is for campers entering grades 10-12+ with interests in physical therapy, sports medicine, emergency medical fields, radiology/oncology, veterinary (NEW)! or research science, this camp will acquaint campers to an array of growing health science fields. In a partnership between UW-Green Bay's Office of Outreach and Extension and Bellin College (Green Bay), this camp offers campers an ideal experience for those interested in pursuing a college degree in science or a profession that requires a science foundation.

Each day, campers will spend their mornings in UW-Green Bay's state-of- the art science labs for anatomy and physiology classes. During these sessions, campers will experience hands-on science including but not limited to sheep hearts and brain dissection, patellar/Achilles reflex testing, cat muscle and vascular dissection, iWorx reflex testing lab and muscle contraction/fatigue. These classes will be taught by UW-Green Bay faculty member Amanda Nelson and her team, from the UW-Green Bay Human Biology Department.

In the afternoons, the team from Bellin College have coordinated on-site tours for campers to observe and encounter an array of health science professions including the following fields: oncology, radiology, sports medicine, physical therapy, research, EMT, paramedics, trauma flight services and surgery. In addition, the new Bellin College high tech simulation and radiology labs will provide opportunities for practicing skills learned in the science labs.

If you have a science aptitude and are looking for a future in health sciences this camp is for you! Because of the popularity of these topics, and attention to individual needs, this camp is limited to only 36 students. Register early!

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