Tillie, the name of our new employee portal, has a meaningful, historical connection to Bellin College.  Paging back through the historical documents, the name Tillie was there in print from the beginning.   The founder of the Deaconess Sanitarium Training School was Matilda (Tillie) Giese, AKA Miss Tillie.   She arrived to Green Bay in the fall of 1908 to nurse the sick who were admitted to the old Bellin Hospital which at that time was located on North Adams Street.  Prior to her time in Green Bay, she was a Deaconess from Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati.  In 1909, Miss Tillie was one of the superintendents, shown in the 1915 graduation class picture to the right.
It is an honor to name our employee portal after Miss Tillie knowing the history and what she has done to make Bellin College what it is today.  There is meaning, much like the Bellin Health employee portal named in remembrance of Dr. Julius Bellin.