MSN Program Tuition and Fees

MSN - Masters of Science Educator, And FNP Tracks Tuition and Fees

2016-2017 Tuition and Fees Schedule 

Tuition charges listed are for planning purposes only and are subject to change. Tuition and Fees Schedules are updated and published annually. The charges shown below do not incorporate estimated annual tuition increases. Students who do not follow the published Bellin curriculum plan may have tuition charges adjusted accordingly. For more information, contact the Bellin College Bursar office.

Tuition Rate

Bellin College tuition is based upon a per-credit rate.
The Nursing Course tuition rate for the 2015-2016 academic year is $728 per credit.


Technology Fee (per term/semester)


Health Fee (per tern/semester)


NUR 590 Assessment Materials Fee


NUR 760 Assessment Materials Fee


NUR 762 Assessment Materials Fee


NUR 764 Assessment Materials Fee


Practicum Fee    


Graduation Fee (one-time fee assessed last term/semester only)



Audit Fee
Students, who wish to enroll in a nursing course or courses without receiving credit, may audit any nursing course.  The tuition charge for auditing a course is one-third the regular per-credit charge for that course. 

Out-of-State Tuition
Bellin College does not discriminate between in or out of state students when determining tuition and fees costs.

Payment Policy
Payment due dates will be set prior to each semester.  Students will be notified of the payment due date for each term via their billing statement.  Payment must be made on or before the payment due date for that term.  Students with past-due balances will not be permitted to register/enroll for a subsequent semester until payment arrangements are made with the Bellin College Bursar.

Late Fees and Penalties
Failure to make a payment by this date will result in a $25 late fee and restricted attendance in Bellin College courses. 

If you have questions, please call the Bursar at (920)433-6640.