Health Care Careers


Registered Nurses in Northeastern Wisconsin can anticipate starting salaries of about $45,760.  Bellin College graduates are frequently able to acquire jobs in specialized areas and can anticipate slightly higher salaries.  

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing has developed tools to help prospective nursing students plan their careers AACN - Career Center.

Radiologic Sciences 

The job outlook for radiologic technicians is expected to show above-average growth well into the next decade due, in part, to a growing and aging population and an increased demand for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic radiology. The most rapid job growth is expected to occur in physicians' offices, clinics, and diagnostic imaging centers based on a strong shift toward outpatient care.
An entry-level radiologic technician with a bachelor’s degree may earn $39,000 annually. This varies depending upon if a person is employed in a hospital or clinic setting. Clinic technologists usually are paid less however they usually do not work weekends or holidays. Pay is expected to continue to increase due to a shortage of radiographers.
Additional training and certification can result in increased salary levels:                
Mammography                        $42,432                      
DEXA Technologist                    $41,600          
CT                                               $45,760
MRI                                             $48,256                features the latest news and information about medical imaging and includes a career center.

Helping Your Student with Career Planning and Decision Making

  • Encourage your college student to choose a career that they find interesting and will enjoy.
  • Reassure your son or daughter that you are supportive of their choice.
  • Encourage them to talk to an instructor or advisor for help with career concerns and not be hesitant to ask questions.
  • Suggest they try new experiences as a way of enhancing career exploration.