Bellin College Partners

Bellin Health Bellin College is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bellin Health System.  Our students benefit from a variety of scholarships; the Bellin Run, Bellin Auxi., George Bennett, Michael Wilde.  Bellin Health is supportive in a majority of our recruiting programs such as: summer camp, life’s a lab, and other prospective student initiatives.   Our current students benefit from the clinical aspect through out Bellin’s extensive clinics, hospitals, and community agencies.  Many of our alumni hold positions through out the Bellin system.

SNCBellin College and St. Norbert College have a long standing partnership that continues to provide nursing students with the best of both worlds.   It combines the best Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in Northeastern Wisconsin with one of the best liberal arts colleges in the Midwest.  Bellin College offers students with real-life clinical experience and outstanding lab instruction and St. Norbert College goes above and beyond to show their commitment to prepare students for the demands of the rewarding professions in the health sciences field.

Pre-nursing students take 60 general education credits at St. Norbert College then apply for Bellin College’s 15-Month Option or Junior Transfer Option for their nursing courses.   The courses are taught in a sequence of seven, eight week blocks for 15 academic months.  Cohorts (small groups of students) start classes in January and June.  Students graduate with a Bachelor of Science of Nursing from Bellin College and receive a Pre-Nursing Certificate from St. Norbert College.  This is a combination that is sure to impress employers!

UWGBBellin College offers a program that is designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in gaining their Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree in nursing. Bellin’s nursing program requires students to take general education courses as well as nursing courses. As a result, Bellin College works in conjunction with UW-Green Bay to meet the requirements necessary for a BSN degree.

UW-Green Bay fulfills the general education requirements which are highly concentrated in the first two years of Bellin’s program. Nursing courses are included in all four years of Bellin’s program. The freshman year has the main concentration of general education courses; however, preprofessional nursing courses are introduced at this time. In the sophomore year, students complete most of their general education courses at UW-Green Bay and the clinical aspect of nursing begins. The highest concentration of nursing courses are in the junior and senior years; nevertheless, some general education courses, which are offered at UW-Green Bay, remain in the curriculum for students to complete during their last two years in Bellin’s nursing program.

Students must be admitted to both Bellin College and UW-Green Bay. Bellin also offers a Radiologic Science Major. Detailed information about the competitive admissions policy is available by contacting Bellin College directly. 

UW-Colleges and Bellin College have partnered to provide students with a focused educational pathway towards a healthcare career in nursing or radiologic sciences. This partnership gives students who complete credits or a degree at UW-Colleges the ability to transfer to Bellin College and earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences (BSRS) degree. This is an opportunity for UW-Colleges and Bellin College to work collaboratively to develop our future professionals in healthcare and meet the requirement for nurses and radiologic technologists to have a bachelor’s degree for employability. This is a great opportunity for students interested in a high-demand career in nursing or radiology. 

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Bellin College entered into a partnership with the N.E.W. Community Clinic and Encompass Early Education and Care in 2006. Bellin College’s faculty Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Lynn Murphy, provides pediatric nursing services and preventative care to the children enrolled at Encompass two days a week. In turn, students at Bellin College receive clinical instruction from Lynn at Encompass. Professor Murphy spends two days a week at Encompass’ Rosebush Center and the Cornerstone Center, using her nursing talents. According to the Encompass newsletter, “‘Nurse Lynn’, as she is known by the children at Encompass, is an invaluable resource for our children, families, and our staff.”

The service Lynn provides and the partnership deserves recognition for how many lives are affected by this excellent care. The partnership and service provided were named Bellin College Pediatric Health Center. Lynn will continue to provide access to care for children where there are gaps in the area’s healthcare delivery system. The pediatric nursing care will be provided free of charge, as a service to the community and will continue to be financially supported by Bellin College.

Additionally, Bellin College has an agreement with Silver Lake College