STAT Program: Service Trips and Transformations

Action through Service        Personal Growth        Life Changing Experiences

This program was formerly know as TRIPS (Transforming Responsibility Into Powerful Service) 

What It Is:
The Service Trips and Transformations program (STAT) is an alternative break service program that gives students the opportunity to engage in off-campus experiences serving in communities working with vulnerable people as a way to become active citizens involved in their own communities now, and in their futures as professional leaders. The program offers students a chance to travel to local, regional, and national locations where they are challenged to both provide service and reflect on those experiences as a way to grow personally and professionally. Participants are provided leadership skills, exposed to new perspectives, and ultimately gain a broader understanding of the concepts of social justice and community partnership. Along the way, students are immersed in new cultures and have life-changing experiences that contribute positive change within themselves and the world.

How It Works:
Students from any program at Bellin College can complete an application for the STAT program. STAT is coordinated by a College coordinator, but STAT student team leaders are trained and responsible for leading the actual STAT experiences. STAT Team Leaders are experienced students who have been on a previous STAT program, and have received additional training on facilitating groups on this type of adventure. The College Coordinator facilitates all recruitment, legal and experiential planning in consultation with Team Leader students and appropriate Bellin College personnel.

Future Plans:
New STAT experiences are planned for summer 2016, and winter, spring and summer sessions 2017. Future STAT's are being considered to work with migrant populations, Appalachian groups, tribal communities, urban and rural homeless groups, and perhaps international TRIPS.

Upcoming STAT's

Students will be notified of their selection for a summer TRIP by April 8th, with payments due in full for the TRIP by May 14, 2016.

June 5-11, 2016: South Chicago at the David Darst Center

The Darst Center has a long history of facilitating alternative breaks for college students focused on education about social justice and immersion experiences that relate this to urban poverty. Participants will live and cook their meals at the Darst Center and have group sessions that introduce them to the geographic, socioeconomic and political challenges that surround urban poverty. Experiental opportunities to work in food distribution sites, soup kitchens, immigrant and at-risk programs, LBGT communities, community gardens, working with homeless and HIV/AIDS programs will be available. The participant cost for this is $500.00 and includes all expenses except any personal supplies.

July 23-31, 2016: Merryville, Tn. At Once Upon a Time in Appalachia

Once Upon a Time is a well-established alternative break setting in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Students will be immersed in a homesteading environment while living on the grounds and helping to preserve the environment. The Appalachian environment serves to connect the concepts of simple living with service with working with both the Appalachian people of the area and a Cherokee tribal community. Immersion in programs that serve this rural and somewhat isolated population will include clinics, childcare programs, work with the Forest Service on the maintenance of the Cumberland Trail, and cultural immersion in the cultures of the area. The participant cost for this is $600.00 and includes all expenses except any personal supplies.

Professor Deb Lidbury
Office 216